Association to Restore City Hall
Opera House of Sandwich
140 E. Railroad Street
Sandwich, Illinois 60548
Call: (815)786-2555

2016-7 Annual Donors

We would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their generous donations toward our fundraising goal.

Individual Donors

Steve Adams

Kenneth & Janet Allen


Dr. Wayne Ashley

Joan Banko in memory of Vera Brockington

Keith & Melissa Barnhart

Thomas Bartlett

Karen Beers

Ruth Benson

Dan & Mary Bohr

Ruth Breunig

Cindy Broadus

Rich Bryan

Kevin Buick

Dean Burgess

Earl & Mary Ellis Bushnell

Patricia Clapper

Douglas Cotanche

Richard Crissip

Walter & Margaret Droppa

Linda Erickson

Frank & Carol Evans

Barbara Fetzner

Allan & Karen Fickau

Shar Fosler

Olaf Gjovik

Kenneth Goldman

Dale & Virginia Grimes

Carolyn Grune

Don & Lois Hagg

Virginia Hann

Hans Hansen

Jean Harmon

Jerry & Bunnie Hart

Kathryn Hart

Sandra Heher

Edward & Jane Heyer

Jeanne & James Hill

Hazel & Steven Hilliard

Barbara Hoffman

Alethia Hummel

Jeff Jost

Don & Donna Kieso

Wendel LaFortune

Darrell Lohmeier

Ashley Lysenko

Susan Malacina

Frank & Constance Matias

James Mc Innes

John McQuown

Brenda Moland

Elsie Ness

Nelson Nussbaum Jr.

Jean Ohme

Barb Olson

Dottie Olson

Gene & Carrol Olson

Joan & Jim Parker

Roger D. Primm

Kent Rader

Carl & Jan Raguse

Roger & Bonnie Rankin

Gwen & Larry Rinkenberger

Dale & Joanne Robinson

Duane & Elaine Ross

Pat Rudzinski

Leo & Lois Sondgeroth

Tom Specht

Jill Stargardt

Mary Tackett

Bob & Marilyn Thanepohn

Sylvia Trevino

Theodore Utchen

Kathy & Len Wass

Dawn Weekly

Mark D. Weinhold

Rita Wiesbrook

Sandra Wilcox

Richard Wilke

Sharon Williams

Stephen & Jane Wolf

Wayne & Marjorie Wright

Robert & A.Flo Wuchte

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Zaeske

Diana Zakosek

For 137 years the Sandwich Opera House has brought enjoyment, enrichment, fulfillment, laughter and memories to many thousands of visitors of all ages in near and far communities. We depend on contributions such as yours to help make much needed repairs and offer you more of the shows you want to see with quality and comfort. You are then supporting an integral part of the present and future of our historic Sandwich Opera House.  As a 501c(3) organization, your gift is tax deductible and will support our efforts to keep the arts strong and vibrant. 

  Click the link above to donate vehicles through the Cause Network Foundation to the Association To Restore City Hall (Sandwich Opera House). 

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